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Our laboratory's suite of instruments streamlines the workflow of metallo-peptide production and analysis. We are well-equipped to synthesize and characterize air-sensitive inorganic complexes, organic molecules, and peptides.  In addition to classic synthetic techniques, we take advantage of automated techniques to increase productivity and efficiency. 

Automated peptide synthesis – CEM Liberty Blue 

The CEM Liberty Blue is among the fastest peptide synthesizers, using microwave heating to accelerate coupling steps and minimize waste. It is able to produce peptides at a typical rate of 4-10 minutes/residue at a range of scales (0.05 – 1.0 mmol). We are able to make several peptide batches in a single day.

UPLC-MS – Waters Acquity H-Class/SQD2

The purity of our peptides are rapidly determined (< 5 min) using ultra-performance liquid chromatography with electrospray ionization mass spectrometry (UPLC-MS). The SQD2 is a single quadrupole detector capable of unit mass resolution.The Acquity is equipped with an autosampler, enabling high-throughput analysis of up to 192 samples at a time.

Reversed phase HPLC – Waters Prep150

Peptides are purified on large scale (up to~100 mg/run) using our reversed phase HPLC equipped with a tunable wavelength detector and C18 column.

Automatic flash column chromatography – Biotage Isolera One

Organic compounds are easily and swiftly purified on a range of scales (100 mg – 10 g) using automated column chromatography.

Air-free chemistry

Our double glovebox from Vigor enables oxygen-free synthesis and analysis. Additionally, we have Schlenk lines for air- and moisture-sensitive synthesis.

Electrochemistry – Pine WaveNow

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